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The first Fintech Society in Scotland!

The FinTech society is for students of ANY degree who are interested in the application of technological innovations not only into the financial sector, but also well beyond finance. The society aims to develop knowledge of FinTech-related topics (such as blockchain and digital currencies) among students, and gives them opportunities to develop useful employability skills too. This is achieved by students' cross-faculty collaboration and engagement with industry professionals.

Our Mission

The FinTech society brings together University of Glasgow students interested in FinTech, aims to develop their knowledge via peer learning & industry engagement.

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What will you gain from joining?


Knowledge of FinTech topics and key concepts such as Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and decentralized trading.


Opportunity to hear from industry experts and network with them.


Employability skills (problem solving, teamwork, presentation skills among many others)

Society Leadership
Fintech Lovers

Current Leadership


Kamal Chauhan

B.Acc. Accounting and Finance


Elisabetta T

M.A. Economics

Founding Members

Jan Jindra

M.Sc. Quantitative Finance

Kamal Chauhan

B.Acc. Accounting and Finance

Andreas Pogiatzis

B.Sc. Software Engineering