Applied Fintech Project

A truly unique experience for students and companies

Rationale and description

Glasgow University FinTech Society members undertake to conduct Applied FinTech Project (AFTP) on “live” business cases. FinTech Society members work on a project aimed at solving specific FinTech-related issue(s) in existing businesses. Members work in teams to map out both the challenges and opportunities faced by the businesses with regards to FinTech, drawing on cross-disciplinary research to devise tailored insights and potential solutions for the business.

The Applied FinTech Project is meant to be based on experiential learning rather than guest talks/lectures. This approach stems from the philosophy that the most valuable skills transferable to any work environment can most effectively be acquired through “learning by doing”. This philosophy is reflected in the structure of the Applied FinTech Project whereby the vast majority of hours is spent at the project team’s weekly meetings and in meetings with the business.

At the same time, the business will benefit from having the opportunity to gain another perspective on the specific FinTech-related issue from university students at no cost. Furthermore, the business will have chance to promote themselves among university students interested in technology, finance and innovation.

Proposed Timetable

Week 1

Initial meeting with a business representative
Begin analysis stage

Week 1-4

FinTech project team works on the AFTP with the assigned mentor, meeting regularly

Week 4

FinTechSociety project team summarizes their 4-week work and produces project outputs:
1) Report, 2) Presentation

Aims and Objectives


Develop their knowledge of FinTech by their active research in this area and by building on the fundamental knowledge gained at FinTech Society’s workshops in Semester 1.


Enhance project members’ employability prospects.


Develop useful transferable skills by working on a hands-on, real-world project


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